Brad Muirhead

Crass Brutes Music

photo: Graham Ord / BM

"let's play make believe"

I believe what I see what I feel

Oh I know it is not so real

Truth is only an ideal.

Can I perceive what I knew in my youth

Is just one variation on a theme

Are you there or am I but a dream

Of a fish in the stream?


Long ago I could see, touch and hear

Fun and games on a wild frontier

Everything was crystal clear.

Now when I say I discover the truth

I can see that it's all just make believe

So let's play be-fore time comes to leave

All the worlds we conceive.


You and I swinging high in our tree

We can say what we want to be

One and one can equal three.

Changing the rules as we go is the thing

And the game doesn't bring new meaning

But becomes the new meaning we bring

To the song that we sing.


Make me believe. 


by Brad Muirhead & Soressa Gardner 2013