Brad Muirhead

Crass Brutes Music

photo: Graham Ord / BM


Rub-a-dub we scrub that dirt away

Down the drain it goes day after day after day

And Jack and Jill go up the hill to their dismay

See the well’s overdrawn but we just can’t change our way

It’s raining it’s pouring we be snoring

We gamble our world’s life-blood and pray…


What has always been is what will be

Always endless bounty in the infinite sea

We were the fishes we would school far wide and free

In the ocean of life and death in good company

Now drowned in landfill where we be stand-still

And clean water once flowed endlessly.


Be on the way

Be what you say

Beware there may

Be no delay

Well that’s right, I just might

Be there today

Be there to stay

All the way

Be there to play

But never pay. (woo-hoo!)


You, me, mine, ours, us, them, world powers

Jostle left, slide to the right, get it wrong then improvise

Join the throng, come sing along, dance for life, follow the wise

Luna leads me to the water, Sol has always loved his daughter

Who calls my name, shares no blame, loves the same, saying

What life wants to be is progressive harmony

Where we disagree, gods of rhythm hold the key

When we take flight and why we fear night and

How we make light of everything we see.


You can walk on water, that’s just fine

Even better you can change that water to wine

Let’s raise a glass to all the great skills man has plied

And the mind over matter that might bridge the divide...


The notion that more devotion

Will save our rivers and lakes and oceans

By changing instincts as old as the tide

From mindless being to conscious motion,


Surging forward with hunger and pride

In joy and sorrow and celebration and

Hope of finding a balance world wide but

Falling prey to imagination


Until we will this wild ride to subside and

Stem the slide into conflagration

Think time is on our side - "drink!" the fool cried

Thank God water can be purified.                                       


 © BradMuirhead, July 2006 (revised 2015)